Empower your Emerging Women Leaders with Executive Rising

Invest in your future leaders to enhance organizational success and cultivate a diverse leadership pipeline.

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Executive Rising is an 8-week intensive leadership development program specifically designed for high-potential women in your organization.

This program provides the tools and insights needed for women to advance to senior leadership roles, fostering diversity and inclusion at the highest levels.

Executive Rising

Leadership Mindset

Develop resilience and stress management techniques.

Build a strong executive presence.

Cultivate a growth mindset to overcome barriers and seize opportunities.

Leadership Mastery

Learn to navigate corporate politics effectively.

Master strategic communication to influence and lead with impact.

Handle difficult conversations with confidence and poise.

Leadership Success

Establish habits and routines for sustained leadership excellence.

Advocate for career progression and organizational change.

Gain insights into the unique challenges and opportunities for women leaders.

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Why Choose Executive Rising for Your Organization?

  • Tailored for Real-World Application: The program is designed to provide practical, actionable strategies that your leaders can apply immediately in their roles.
  • Strategic Skill Development: Focuses on the critical skills needed for higher-level leadership, ensuring your top talent is prepared for executive roles.
  • Enhanced Confidence and Capability: Empowers participants with the confidence and capability to lead effectively, drive results, and inspire their teams.

Program Features

  • Expert Facilitation: Sessions led by a seasoned leadership coach with 20+ years of corporate leadership experience.
  • Interactive Learning: Engaging workshops, group discussions, and personalized feedback.
  • Peer Networking: Opportunities to connect and collaborate with other high-potential women leaders.

Outcomes for Your Organization

  • Strengthened Leadership Pipeline: Prepare your female leaders for succession planning and key leadership roles.
  • Improved Retention: Invest in your talent to reduce turnover and retain top performers.
  • Enhanced Organizational Performance: Diverse leadership teams drive better decision-making and innovation.

8-Week Program Outline


Session 1 -

Creating Your Executive Leadership Vision and Brand

Having a clear leadership vision and a strong leadership brand enhances your promotion prospects by demonstrating strategic thinking, goal alignment, and the ability to motivate and inspire your team.

A compelling vision shows long-term commitment to the company's mission.

A consistent leadership brand builds trust, crediblity, and a positive reputation.

Session 2 -

Managing Imposter Syndrome and Confidence Roadblocks

When you effectively manage imposter syndrome and confidence roadblocks, you build trust and credibility with your colleagues and superiors, making them more likely to recognize your potential. Managing these allow you to:

Dispel self-doubt.

Embrace your accomplishments.

Showcase your skills and expertise without hesitation.

Present yourself as a confident and capable leader.

Session 3 -

Controlling Stress, Creating Work/Life Harmony, and Building Resilience

Controlling stress, creating work/life harmony, and building resilience  collectively enhance your effectiveness and sustainability as a leader.

By managing stress, you maintain clarity, focus, and composure under pressure, which allows you to make sound decisions and lead your team confidently.

Establishing work/life harmony ensures that you are not only productive but also present and engaged, preventing burnout and maintaining high performance over the long term.

Building resilience equips you to navigate setbacks and challenges with a positive and proactive mindset, demonstrating to your superiors that you can handle adversity and maintain steady progress towards goals.


Session 4 -

Navigating Office Politics and Tough Conversations

Navigating office politics and handling tough conversations demonstrate your ability to manage interpersonal dynamics and resolve conflicts effectively.

Understanding the informal networks and power structures within your organization, enabling you to build strategic alliances and garner support for your initiatives.

Showing that you can address sensitive issues constructively, maintain professional relationships, and mediate conflicts without escalating tensions.

Session 5 -

Mastering Strategic Communication for Maximum Impact

As you reach higher levels in your career, the stakes and complexity of interactions grow significantly. Mastering strategic communication skills are critical for continued career advancement, as they:

Demonstrate leadership maturity.

Enhance your ability to drive organizational success.

Solidify your reputation as an influential and effective leader.

Session 6 -

Peer-to-Peer Open Floor Group Discussion

Members share career-related challenges with the group to receive feedback and advice. This is a powerful session where we learn from each other and engage in valuable conversations.


Session 7 -

Cultivating Constructive Habits to Drive Success

By cultivating constructive habits, you signal to decision-makers that you possess the self-discipline, organizational skills, and forward-thinking mindset necessary for higher-level positions, making you a strong candidate for promotion.

Recognize old habits holding you back.

Cultivate new habits that drive success.

Embrace the power of habit stacking that involves linking new habits with existing ones to create a routine that enhances efficiency and consistency.

Session 8 -

Being Your Own Best Advocate & Executive Rising Prosperity Roadmap

By being your own advocate and diligently following a roadmap for executive success, you enhance your candidacy for promotion by showcasing your readiness, ambition, and strategic foresight in advancing both your career and the organization's goals.

Makes decision-makers aware of your achievements.

Positions you as a proactive and ambitious leader ready for greater responsibilities.

Establishes a guide for goals and actions.

Offering Two Cohorts


Tuesday Daytime Sessions


September 24, 2024

1PM EST / 12PM CST / 11AM MST / 10AM PST

  • 8-Week Program (Sessions are weekly. The program will end on Nov. 12th.)
  • 7 Topic-Specific Masterclasses
  • 1 Peer Open Floor Group Discussion
  • Executive Rising PDF Workbook
  • Access to Confidence Crushers Workbook Library (20 workbooks)
  • Lifetime access to materials and recordings
  • Private LinkedIn Group

Investing in the development of your high-potential women leaders not only benefits the individuals but also drives organizational success. Empower your leaders to reach their full potential with Executive Rising. Schedule a call today.


Wednesday Evening Sessions


September 25, 2024


  • 8-Week Program (Sessions are weekly. The program will end on Nov. 13th.)
  • 7 Topic-Specific Masterclasses
  • 1 Peer Open Floor Group Discussion
  • Executive Rising PDF Workbook
  • Access to Confidence Crushers Workbook Library (20 workbooks)
  • Lifetime access to materials and recordings
  • Private LinkedIn Group

Investing in the development of your high-potential women leaders not only benefits the individuals but also drives organizational success. Empower your leaders to reach their full potential with Executive Rising. Schedule a call today.

What others have to say about Lisa's programs:

Mandi R.

"I had an amazing experience doing Lisa's women's leadership program. It not only increased my confidence and my assertiveness, but also my overall comfort level and authenticity within the workplace. My manager and I completed the program together and the things we have learned and have been able to share with each other have been insanely beneficial to our team's development and growth.

Highly recommend for anyone. If you are looking to improve your leadership, confidence, and silence your personal doubts, this is a great course to consider!"

Brooke B.

“Lisa Hinz has created a very solid, collaborative program that has affected my career path in a big way. The modules were pertinent to my position and the knowledge could be immediately applied. My "take-aways" were identifying my core values, identifying my personal saboteurs, and how I respond to stress. It has also been helpful for me to identify my own leadership style, communication style, and methods that will help me combat my personal roadblocks and achieve success.

This program gave me the confidence to apply for a master's degree program, ask for a promotion from my boss, and volunteer for company outreach events - all of which have produced positive outcomes. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a deep dive into how they can perpetuate their "best self" in both personal and corporate spaces.”

Amber S.

"This was such an AMAZING course - thank you, Lisa!  I'm grateful my company provided this opportunity. It can be overwhelming, intimidating at times, to work at a large company, in an industry which is predominately male dominated.

The tools acquired and skills strengthened during our program have undoubtedly given me the confidence to be a more effective leader. It was eye-opening to learn so much about myself as a leader - areas for improvement and also hidden strengths, both which require equal attention!"


Toni O.

“I have known Lisa for 10 years and once I heard she started a women’s focused leadership program I knew I needed to participate. Each week the class would focus on topics that all of us could relate to as working professionals. The group would openly discuss our perspectives and takeaways on the topics - oftentimes I would leave class with a new view of the topic. It was enlightening to hear the perspectives of the women in group, refreshing to know I wasn’t alone in my experiences, and encouraging to receive support from others!“


I'm Lisa, your champion and program facilitator.

Navigating the complex corporate world is not easy.

Coming from 20+ years in corporate and having led a team of 75 talented people, I've faced the same challenges that many of you have faced:

  • Battling imposter syndrome
  • Letting stress get the best of me
  • Not communicating as clearly as I should
  • Getting too stuck in the weeds and not thinking strategically enough
  • Dreading tough conversations
  • Trying to find a healthy harmony between my career and personal life
  • Questioning on if I'm making the right decisions and prioritizing the right things
  • Speaking up and advocating for myself
  • And on and on...

Through my own personal experiences as a leader, having hired numerous people, and coaching many professionals, themes kept reappearing as far as what continued to challenge professional women as they worked to reach higher levels in their careers.

And that's how "Executive Rising" came to be. I created this program to address the repeated topics that come up with women I coach. This program hits the challenges in all the right places to help you prepare yourself to achieve that next promotion.