Winning the Job Search

Elevating Your Leadership and Mindset in a Competitive Job Market


Developing the right leadership skills and mindset

can set you apart in a competitive job market.

Whether you've experienced a lay off or you're simply searching for a new exciting job opportunity, the process can sometimes feel daunting and overwhelming due to the competition and tight job market.


How can you set yourself apart and stand out from the multitude of candidates applying for the same positions?  It's not unusual to see that a position has 200+, 500+ or even 1,000+ applicants.

Give yourself an EDGE over your competition.

Now is the time to focus on personal and professional development!


This value-packed self-paced online program is designed to provide you:


  • Clarity around what you WANT in a job and understanding what you DON'T WANT.


  • Methods to overcome the four main confidence roadblocks that can prevent you from making progress in your job search.


  • A productive and authentic leadership mindset - believe that you don't have to be anyone but yourself in order to succeed.


  • Cool and effective tools to make your job search easier, such as the Confidence SWOT Analysis, Needs vs. Wants, Job Search Tracker, and GLOM SMART - a unique and super effective way of setting and achieving your goals!


  • A competitive EDGE over other candidates going after the same jobs.

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Winning the Job Search is broken into FIVE modules:

Module 1 Art

Definition of Success - formulate the roadmap of what success looks like to you. You have to be intentional in knowing what you want in order to achieve it.


Breakthrough Visioning - create and shape the future you want through this powerful exercise.


Core Values Insight - identify your personal core values and understand their importance to your overall life satisfaction. Applying this understanding to the type of job and company you want to pursue can lead you to career and life fulfillment by making choices that are in tune with your values.

Module 2 Art

Authentic Leadership - understand the power of embracing who you are knowing you don't have to be like anyone else in order to succeed. You have your own unique gifts and strengths that set you apart from others.


Also identifying any current undesirable traits allows an opportunity for leadership development and growth.


Utilize the Authenticity Self-Check provided to gauge how well you are upholding your values and staying true to your authentic self.

Module 3 Art

Managing Confidence Roadblocks - learn to manage the four main confidence roadblocks that can keep you stuck and hinder your path to success.  Most of us deal with these our entire lives without realizing there are ways to minimize their control and impact on us.


Limiting Beliefs: beliefs or statements that you believe to be true. These are beliefs you may have about yourself, about others, and/or about the world. Example: "I don't meet 100% of the qualifications. That means I'm not a perfect candidate for the job."


Assumptions: beliefs that because something happened in the past that it will happen again. When we believe this, we are letting our past control us. Example: "I'll never apply to a "xyz" job again, because I have never gotten an interview when I have."


Interpretations: stories, opinions, and judgments that you create about an event, situation, person, or experience and believe to be true. It is one side of the story - your side. Example: "They didn't hire me, so I must not be experienced enough for this kind of position."


Saboteur: the self-sabotaging inner voice that tells you that you aren’t good enough. It’s the inner critic and it thrives on fear. Example: "You're going to bomb that interview. You're not smart enough for that position. Why waste your time?"

Module 4 Art

Influential Communication - show your ideal employer that you have the strong and effective communication skills it takes to succeed in the job you’re applying and interviewing for! When you can communicate effectively and influentially, you exude both confidence and leadership. Discover and learn about:


Ideal Image Rating - rate yourself as an influential communicator. How strong do you think you are?  At the end of the module, you will rate yourself again after learning about the nonverbals and listening.


Ideal Qualities - identify the qualities you feel an influential communicator should have. You will then rate yourself on each of these qualities and identify areas you'd like to further refine and develop.


How to Sound Like an Influential Communicator - nerves can take hold when you’re interviewing and can cause you to talk too fast, overuse filler words, etc.. These simple tips can help you to communicate more effectively and influentially.


Dress to Impress - how you dress communicates who you are. Important things to keep in mind when dressing for your interview.


Nonverbals and Tone - don't underestimate their power. Nonverbal communication can carry between 65% and 93% more impact than the actual words spoken. This reviews the nonverbals you need to be aware of, including eye contact, posture, body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, breathing, muscle tension, and handshake.  All of these are very important during the interview process and can help one refine their executive presence.


Listening - listening is vital to successful and effective communication. Learn the three types of listening: subjective (all about the listener), objective (about the speaker), and intuitive (the listener not only hears the speaker but is in tune with their body language, tone of voice, inflection, etc.).

Module 5 Art

Engagement & Satisfaction Factor -  a temperature check on how you felt about your most recent job to provide enlightenment on what you would like in your next job. In what ways could you have been more engaged or more satisfied? What can you look for in your new opportunity that may increase your engagement and satisfaction factor?


Confidence SWOT Analysis - understand your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. With this understanding, you will be able to focus on your talents, recognize and minimize your weaknesses, identify opportunities you may want to take action on, and be aware of threats that you can work to eliminate. This powerful exercise can help you prioritize which areas of development can help give you an edge as well as identify which strengths to showcase to place you ahead of your competition.


Needs vs. Wants - gain clarity around the types of positions, benefits, work schedules, companies, and locations you want to focus on and those you want to stay away from.


Job Search Tracker - an effective scheduling tool that allows you to map out your day by writing down your top priorities, your to-do list, companies you want to research and apply to, time slots to schedule how you’ll use your time, your achievements, as well as a self-care section.


GLOM SMART - a unique and effective method to set and achieve goals to move you forward. GLOM stands for Goal, Least, Optimal, and Median. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, and Time. GLOM SMART helps to break down your goals into more manageable and achievable actions.


Winning the Job Search Checklist - the checklist is a reminder of everything you’ve worked on throughout this program to create the accountability needed to achieve success in your job search and beyond.

You've got a successful career ahead of you -

let's get you on the right path to find it!

Why Choose The Confidence Track for this Program?

Lisa HinzCEO of The Confidence Track, has worked in corporate leadership for the last 20+ years, including Fortune 300 companies, leading large teams that spanned across the U.S. and Canada.


She has hired more than 100 people throughout her career. What impressed her more than a person's technical skills were a person's interpersonal and leadership skills. Those who showed up with a growth-oriented mindset and could communicate clearly and confidently stood out among those who didn't.


Lisa has created this program using leadership coaching strategies and techniques combined with her years of leadership and hiring discoveries.


You will likely gain self-awareness and leadership insights that might surprise you while strengthening numerous skills that will set you apart from others.

Lisa Hinz Winning the Job Search


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