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Leadership Success Mastermind

What is a Mastermind?  A small group of women within the AEC industry who desire to: grow professionally, engage with and learn from other women, strengthen their leadership skills and insights, expand their network, and develop new friendships.

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Women in Engineering Mastermind
The Confidence Track Women in Engineering Mastermind
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Ready to take your career to the next level?

Experience the power of focused self-discovery and awareness, leadership training, coaching, and the collective wisdom and perspectives shared amongst peer professionals within your industry. This transformational leadership experience will help you grow and propel you forward in ways you never thought possible.


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The Mastermind consists of a total of 10 group sessions, which will be held online every other week on Wednesday evenings from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. Mountain Time (the sessions will last 60 to 90 minutes).

Dates of Mastermind: May 31, June 14, June 28, July 12, July 26, Aug 9, Aug 23, Sept 13 (will skip week of Labor Day), Sept 27, and Oct 11.


Each mastermind group is limited to no more than 10 members to ensure the participants get the most value from the content, from Lisa, and from each other. Once the group is full, interested applicants can be put on the waiting list for the next Success Leadership Mastermind. If there is enough demand, Lisa will start an additional Mastermind and notify you of availability and schedule.


Because each group is small and exclusive, it's important to determine if it's the right fit for you. Schedule a call with Lisa Hinz to discuss the program in detail.

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Who is this for?

This small group mastermind is exclusively for career-driven women within the AEC industry with 10+ years of experience who are currently in leadership roles and aspire to reach higher levels within their organizations and strengthen their leadership impact. NOTE: Sessions and discussions will be focused on leadership development topics and challenges only - not technical topics or challenges.

What to expect?

Led by a former AEC industry director, professional leadership coach, and founder, Lisa Hinz. Through this Success Leadership Mastermind, you will not only gain and strengthen key leadership skills and insights, but you will also receive great benefit from the power of the collective wisdom shared amongst professionals within your industry in a small group environment. Everyone will have the opportunity to share their perspectives and experiences and provide critical feedback to help each other to think bigger, grow stronger, and succeed.


You will meet online every other week with your small group (up to 10 people)  to learn, share, motivate, and deepen your leadership skills, effectiveness, influence, and impact.


  • Each person will receive the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and a personal 1:1 debrief. This is an attitudinal assessment that captures how you approach work and life and how it impacts you and those around you.


  • 8 curriculum-based sessions instructor-led by Lisa. Some will include activities (prior, during, or after) and all will include impactful group discussions. Sessions will last 60 to 90 minutes.


  • 2 Peer-to-Peer Support group discussion sessions facilitated by Lisa where members can share a challenge they would like the group's feedback on. Sessions will last up to 90 minutes.


  • Receive access to a private LinkedIn Group to which only women who go through these Masterminds will have access. You will be able to continue to build meaningful connections and conversations and support one another during and beyond the duration of your group.


  • Receive a certificate of completion.


  • Email access to Lisa throughout the program.


  • Enjoy an expanded network, new friendships, and tremendous professional growth and development.

About Lisa

Lisa Hinz Winning the Job Search

Lisa HinzCEO and Founder of The Confidence Track, has worked in corporate leadership for the last 25+ years, including Kiewit, a Fortune 300 construction engineering firm where she led the infrastructure proposal group of 75 people spanning across the U.S. and Canada. She also worked in Kiewit's Talent & Professional Development group, partnering closely with its engineering and operating districts.


Lisa has coached numerous mid-to senior-level professionals and has had many women complete her Elevating Career Confidence program. She also currently leads the 2023 mentorship program for Colorado WTS (Women in Transportation) organization and speaks across the country on a topic she's very passionate about - Winning the Battle Against Imposter Syndrome.

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What the Leadership Success Mastermind Program Includes:

Energy Leadership Index Assessment and 1:1 Debrief

An attitudinal assessment that captures how you perceive and approach work and life and how it impacts you, your organization, and those around you. The assessment and debrief are separate from the group sessions and will be done individually with each member.  Debriefs take 60 to 90 minutes.


Session 1: Authentic Leadership and Why It Matters

In this first session, we will have introductions to get to know each other. We'll then dive into Authentic Leadership - embracing your uniqueness and staying true to YOU while succeeding. Organizations that foster authentic behavior are more likely to have employees who are engaged and motivated in their jobs. Authentic leadership has been known to increase employee morale, boost productivity, create a stronger culture, and strengthen trust.


Session 2: Facing Imposter Syndrome, Unconscious Bias, and Managing Confidence Roadblocks

Learn the signs and effects of imposter syndrome and four ways to manage it. We will also discuss ideas around how to approach unconscious bias in the workplace and address the main confidence roadblocks: limiting beliefs, assumptions, and interpretations, and how they can hinder one's success and leadership abilities.


Session 3: Peer-to-Peer Support Open Floor Discussion

Members can share a leadership-related challenge they would like the group's feedback on. Group coaching and discussions can be very powerful as oftentimes what one person is facing is a challenge that others have faced as well.  This is where we learn from each other and establish a deeper connection with those in your group.


Session 4: Emotional Intelligence - an Important Key to Success

Emotional Intelligence is pivotal to the success of every profession. To be successful in a continuously changing and complex environment, having more than technical expertise is critical. Having the mental ability to reason validly with emotional information allows you to not only better understand and regulate your own emotions, but to better understand your customer's needs, and connect with others. We will dive into the various aspects of Emotional Intelligence - awareness, expression, and managing emotions, as well as how we respond to others.

Session 5: Empathetic Leadership and Making Tough Conversations Easier

Empathetic Leadership is becoming increasingly more important than ever in the workplace.  Learn how to not lose touch with those you lead and connect more strongly, which builds trust and deeper relationships. Also learn effective methods to make having tough conversations easier by using a coaching approach with an empathetic leader mindset.


Session 6: Making Decisions, Prioritization, and Saying No

Being a leader requires one to constantly make decisions - learn ways to make smart, accurate, and conscious choices and how doing so affects your performance as a leader. When it comes to saying no - saying no can be a difficult thing to do. We take it upon ourselves to be of service and provide the greatest value. However, we can't always do it all, especially if we want to protect the quality of that which we are delivering and protect our own well-being. Learn methods to help prioritize your projects, protect your schedule, delegate more efficiently, let go of perfectionism, and confidently say no.


Session 7: Peer-to-Peer Support Open Floor Discussion

Members can share a leadership-related challenge they would like the group's feedback on. Group coaching and discussions can be very powerful as oftentimes what one person is facing is a challenge that others have faced as well.  This is where we learn from each other and establish a deeper connection with those in your group.


Session 8: Communicating Like a CEO and Leading with Influence

Learn ways to motivate, inspire, and influence your team and others you work with. Communicating and leading is not simply done by how one speaks, but also by how one listens, acts, and responds.  This covers nonverbal, listening, and speaking. Also, learn how to be direct with your communication in a succinct way that gets your point across without giving more information or details than necessary.


Session 9: Defining Your Leadership Vision and Personal Leadership Brand

Defining your leadership vision provides motivation, focus, and direction for where you are and where you want to go. Your personal leadership brand is what differentiates you from others. It tells others who you are, the values you embrace, and how you express those values through your work and leadership. Your leadership brand can highlight your strengths, build trust, and communicate the expertise you bring to your industry.


Session 10: Importance of Self-Care in a Chaotic World

In the final session, you will learn how self-care and success can coexist. Adopt methods to help set boundaries to combat stress and burnout and to help prioritize what's most important to you as a human being, not just as an employee.  To end, we'll discuss how we, as women, can support and encourage other women within the industry and help them to stay the course and achieve success. We're going to have some fun in this final and celebratory session!

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