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The Confidence Track - Elevating Career Confidence


For more than a decade I have wanted to build this business, but I first had a different path to follow. 


Although I didn't realize it at the time, that path helped me to build a deeper understanding of what leadership is and what it isn't.


It allowed me to experience both the wins and pitfalls of achieving success and leading teams.


It taught me awareness around the visibility of how I showed up each day - how people noticed.


It encouraged me to further refine my speaking skills, emotional intelligence, professional presence and aptitude.


It inspired me to go through extensive coaching certifications and work through my own challenges with imposter syndrome so that I can help others.


That path prepared me for where I am today and I am forever grateful. Thank you, #Kiewit. An amazing company who believed in me, even when I didn't full believe in myself, and provided me opportunities to grow in ways I never thought possible.


It's now time for me to take my years of experience and training to help those who feel challenged in their own careers.  Whether one feels stuck, overwhelmed, insecure, or maybe Imposter Syndrome is preventing you from showcasing the potential you have, the confidence and resilience are there, you just need to learn the methods and tools to unbury them. I can help you do that. 


My new professional development company, The Confidence Track, empowers career-driven women to push beyond their challenges and break through that proverbial corporate glass ceiling.  I've created a 12-week Elevating Career Confidence Program that will help you to:  1) understand your true values; 2) overcome confidence roadblocks;  3) honor your authenticity as a leader; 4) communicate effectively; and 5) cultivate long-term achievement.  This program is about taking control of your career instead of letting it take control of you. 


If you're interested in learning more - click below.

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