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What Kind of Tomorrow Do You Want?

Time Will Pass Anyway copy

I’m a complete “quote” nerd.


If I search “motivational quotes” on Pinterest, I can easily get sucked in and let life pass me by, saving the great ones to reference back to later. And there are a lot of great ones.  Some have a way of making you stop dead in your tracks and make you think – they hit you in the right place at the right time.


Several quotes have impacted me in big ways throughout my life. Over the last few years, the one that has resonated with me the strongest is this one by Earl Nightingale:


“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”


I thought back to so many times in my life when I was going to start this or get into that, but then never did. Or I would start it and not finish it.  I always had a mountain of excuses to let me off the hook.  Work was too busy, I was traveling too much, house projects needed my attention, etc.  I could make that list of excuses look endless if I wanted to.


But then I’d catch myself often thinking, “I wonder where I’d be today if I had actually started that three years ago,” or “If only I had done that when I first wanted to – I’d be a lot further along by now.”


How often have you felt the same way?


I do believe that we make time for those things that are truly important to us – or at least what we think are important to us.  One could argue how important Netflix really is or getting sucked into Pinterest, for that matter.  And it’s a very valid argument.  Our lives are full of distractions.


Consider Earl Nightingale’s quote as it relates to your personal and professional development.


What can you do today that will put you in a better position six months from now? Or five years from now?


For example, if you don’t feel completely confident in certain aspects of yourself or your career, what steps can you take today to help overcome those feelings and not let them drag you down for years, potentially holding you back in ways that are counter to what your goals are?


What limiting beliefs do you have that you’re not even aware of that are preventing you from taking risks and putting yourself out there?


Have your eye on a promotion? What can you start doing today to expand upon the traits and skillsets needed to stand out from the others?


The time is going to pass regardless.  You can let that time pass and still be in the same situation as you are now, or you can take action knowing that you’re working for the future you want.


Investing in yourself is never a bad investment. It will reap dividends for years.


The decisions you make and the actions you take today create your tomorrow.


What kind of tomorrow do you want?


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