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Choose Your Power Word


When you feel your absolute best, what one word would you use to describe it?  That’s your power word. And that one word can pack a lot of punch.


I recall years back when I had an exceptional day. Nothing specific made it exceptional - it just was.  I felt unusually energetic and carefree – and it wasn’t even a Friday. I remember getting to the end of the day and I was still in a great mood.


What really made the day unforgettable was my drive home. Even though I was stuck in traffic hell on I-25, it didn’t bother me at all. I waved with five fingers instead of one when people cut me off, smiling at them – I didn’t care. Not being affected by the traffic on I-25 certainly wasn’t the norm for me.  Whoever was wearing my clothes that day and driving my car, I liked her.


I remember that day so well because that’s when I realized what my power word was.




THAT. I wanted to feel more of THAT and I wanted to feel that more often.


You remember the infamous scene in When Harry Met Sally when the lady in the restaurant said, “I want what she’s having?’”  I wanted more of what I was having that day. The feeling of being UNSTOPPABLE.


For me, that one feeling is the mothership of a lot of great feelings.  When I feel unstoppable, I feel energetic, confident, grateful, excited, motivated, joyful, world-conquering, successful, achieving, and optimistic. One of those feelings on its own is powerful but when you bundle them all up into one nice package, it’s apparently powerful enough that it makes you not mind rush hour on I-25.


Who wouldn’t want to feel that way?


Imagine what I could accomplish if I let myself feel that way every day?


I loved the word so much that I had a custom canvas printed with the word on it to hang in my office. I want to see it every day to remind myself of how I want to feel.


Does that canvas make me feel unstoppable every day?  No, not every day. But I love the reminder because it gives me perspective. It reminds me that I have choices and that I’m ultimately in control.  It reminds me how much of an impact that feeling has on me and that I need to find ways to reconnect with it.



Here’s the thing. We listen to what we tell ourselves. We are always eagerly listening to the words that run through our minds without even realizing it. Those words – those thoughts - manufacture the feelings we have.  If the words we’re telling ourselves aren’t productive or kind, we’re creating unproductive feelings.  We respond differently to unproductive feelings than we do productive ones. Because we respond differently, our outcomes are also different.  If you’re not getting the outcomes you desire, track them back to your thoughts. Your thoughts are the originators, the instigators.


So why not choose words/thoughts that inspire us?  That motivate us?  That make us feel that we can accomplish anything?


It’s staggering when I think of everything I could accomplish if I allowed myself to feel unstoppable more often than I do.


Choose your power word.  Write it down.  Push yourself beyond the typical “feeling” words, such as happy, excited, etc. Dig deeper.  Really think about it.  Then say it to yourself daily, “I am unstoppable.”  Repeat it.  Look in the mirror and repeat it again. Keep repeating it until you believe it. Get a custom canvas printed and hang it up.  Do something to regularly remind yourself of what your power word is.


You’re too amazing to not feel amazing. And you deserve to feel amazing every single day.


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