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Acting Confidently Can Build Confidence

Acting Confident

Acting confident can build confidence through a psychological phenomenon known as the "confidence-competence loop" principle. This concept is based on the interplay between behavior, emotions, and thoughts.


Some might refer to it as "fake it till you make it."


I don't prefer that term. I like to look at it as "practice it till you become it." Confidence is a skill and it does take practice.


Here's how it works:

👉 Behavior Shapes Emotions:

When you behave in a confident manner, such as maintaining good posture, making eye contact, and speaking assertively, you send signals to your brain that you are in control and capable. This triggers a physiological response that releases hormones associated with confidence and reduces stress. As a result, you begin to feel more self-assured and in command of the situation.

👉 Positive Feedback Loop:

Acting confident often leads to positive responses from others. When people react positively to your confident behavior—offering respect, attention, or validation—it reinforces your belief that you're doing something right. This further strengthens your confidence, as you interpret these reactions as evidence of your competence.

👉 Cognitive Dissonance:

When you act confidently, even if you initially feel uncertain or doubtful, you create a disconnect between your behavior and your inner doubts. This psychological dissonance prompts your mind to resolve the inconsistency by aligning your thoughts with your actions. You start to believe that if you're acting confidently, you must have the ability to do so.

👉 Skill Development:

As you project confidence and engage in situations that challenge you, you gain valuable experience. Over time, this experience contributes to your skill development and expertise. The more you practice and expose yourself to various situations, the more competent you become, and this competence fuels your genuine self-assurance.

👉 Neuroplasticity:

The brain has a remarkable ability to adapt and rewire itself. When you repeatedly engage in confident behavior, you are rewiring your brain's neural pathways associated with confidence. This rewiring over time can lead to a more natural and authentic sense of confidence.


It's important to note that the goal isn't to deceive or pretend indefinitely.


The aim is to use deliberate confident behaviors as a tool to create a positive feedback loop that gradually transforms into genuine self-confidence.


Over time, as you accumulate positive experiences and reinforce your belief in your capabilities, your inner confidence naturally grows.


Building confidence is a journey that requires patience and consistent effort.


By acting confidently, you set the stage for a self-perpetuating cycle of positive emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that ultimately shape your authentic self-assuredness.

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