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Are unclear roles and responsibilities hurting your team?

Here’s what you should know…


When it comes to assigning and communicating roles and responsibilities – clarity matters.


When there is a lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities, it can come at a cost:

· Lack of Engagement
· Weakened Relationships
· Conflict Over Responsibility and Authority
· Decreased Productivity
· Weakened Morale
· Duplicated Efforts
· Missed Deadlines


People work better together when they understand what their roles and responsibilities are.


Some things to keep in mind to better define your team’s roles and responsibilities:


· First, make sure everyone understands the difference between Roles and Responsibilities. Roles are the positions on the team. Responsibilities are the tasks that each role is expected to perform.


· Don’t make assumptions that people know what they should be doing.


· Provide very clear direction on what each person should work on and to whom they report, especially if it varies per project.


· Make sure the team understands the overall goals and objectives.


·  Understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


· Get team members to communicate what they need and expect from each other to succeed. This creates a “we” mentality and integrates the final important piece - accountability.


· Possible tools, such as a RACI matrix (showing those who are: responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed), may be helpful in managing your team and their responsibilities.


What other ways do you ensure your team understands their roles and responsibilities?

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