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by Lisa Hinz     •      Leadership Development

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Confident Employees Make Stronger, Happier Companies

98% workers perform when confident

When you have it, it’s amazing. When you don’t, it can be very uncomfortable.


That’s confidence. It ebbs and flows.  Being put into a new position or on a new project may chip away at confidence. While completely normal, it can feel disconcerting.


Sometimes it goes deeper. When it goes deeper, it can get in your way of success. This is where I come in. I work with clients on the four main confidence blocks: limiting beliefs, assumptions, interpretations, and the saboteur (the voice in your head that says you’re not good enough).


While these are also normal to experience, left unmanaged, they can lead to other challenges, such as anxiety, overwhelm, stress, depression, lack of focus, inability to make decisions, inability to believe in yourself, etc.


It’s no surprise that 98% of employees say they perform better when they feel confident. Indeed also stated that 96% of respondents are more likely to stay at a company when they feel confident.


What are you doing personally to strengthen and maintain your confidence? As a leader, what are you doing to teach and foster confidence within your organization?


It’s a foundational skill that’s often overlooked when it comes to development.


We do our best work when we believe in ourselves, our work, and our futures.


Confidence is key to long-term success. Don’t ignore it.

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