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Get Ready to be Uncomfortable

Get ready to be uncomfortable… 😳


Think about any goal or dream you’ve accomplished in your life – more than likely it required you to get uncomfortable. And while that discomfort may have been challenging at the time, what was the ultimate result?


We wouldn’t fully appreciate comfort if we didn’t experience discomfort. In the same realm, we wouldn’t know what happiness felt like if we were happy all the time. Contrast drives us to grow. It pushes us to see what’s on the other side.


Experiencing discomfort means you’re pushing yourself to greater things.


How to prepare yourself for discomfort:


✔️ Get comfortable with change.


✔️ Associate discomfort with growth instead of fear.


✔️ Be prepared to be unprepared.


✔️ Expect it to be hard.


✔️ Imagine the outcome.


So, the question is - how uncomfortable are you willing to get?

Discomfort is Pathway to Dreams
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