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How Are YOU Showing Up Each Day?

You start your day in a “less than stellar” mood. That mood carries with you throughout the day and follows you home. You’re not even exactly sure why...


The mood accompanies you to meetings, one-on-one discussions with people on your team, and dinner with your family.


When they respond to you in a similar mood, you wonder what set them off and it enhances your unproductive thoughts.


It can be a vicious cycle.


Understanding the different attitudes you carry throughout the day brings awareness around how you show up affects how others show up.  It also brings awareness to the fact that you can choose how you’re showing up.


I start my clients off with the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment, which is an attitudinal assessment that captures how a person currently perceives and approaches work and life.


It’s eye-opening. And it’s a game changer.


They don’t realize how they’re showing up each day.


They don’t realize that they can choose how they’re showing up each day.


How are YOU showing up today?


Here's a link to the ELI - check it out:

ELI Assessment

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