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Make Sure Your Managers are Thriving

Wellbeing at Work Book

“A net thriving overall culture can’t exist if managers are not thriving.” Agree?  Read on – it’s going to hit home…


This book from Gallup goes on to say:


To increase clarity and purpose in your culture, one of the basic requirements you need to fulfill is:


1.  Make sure your managers are thriving.


“When a manager is thriving in wellbeing, their direct reports are 15% more likely to have thriving wellbeing.


Yet most managers report high levels of stress and burnout. They’re often stuck between organizational decisions and front-line implementation.


Most become managers because they are highly tenured or were strong individual contributors – criteria that don’t naturally equip them for dealing with the complexities of managing people.


To have thriving wellbeing, employees need a coach who makes their job inspiring and fulfilling.”


From an organizational standpoint, what is your company doing to ensure its managers are thriving? Are managers provided the leadership training and development they need?


From your own personal standpoint, what are you doing to ensure you’re developing in ways that support your overall wellbeing and career?


I work with professionals and help equip them with confidence, resilience, and authenticity. All of which lay a strong foundation upon which to thrive.


In your opinion, what is getting in the way of managers thriving in today’s environment? Please share.

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