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Negative Self-Talk

Negative Self-Talk The Confidence Track

“I’m not experienced enough.”
“I’m not talented enough.”
“I’m not deserving enough.”


If you could strike the word “not” out of your vocabulary when it came to self-talk, how might things change?


Negative self-talk perpetuates unproductive thinking.


It can send us down that imposter syndrome rabbit hole.


It can prevent us from taking action and moving forward.


It can create roadblocks to success.


It can crush confidence.


It can hinder our leadership abilities.


It can squash or influence.


Imagine how life might be different if you were to change that narrative in your mind?


"I AM experienced enough."


"I AM talented enough."


"I AM deserving enough."


Wow - imagine the possibilities...


Try a new narrative. But here's the key - you can't try only once. It takes repetition and consistency.


You have to want it.


You can do it - these productive thoughts are yours to have.

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