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by Lisa Hinz     •      Leadership Development

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This ONE sentence changed my life...

I'll figure it out

When I was struggling the most with imposter syndrome, any new challenge or assignment felt like a threat to my very existence. It felt like one more opportunity to show the world why I didn’t deserve to be where I was.


That’s the thing with imposter syndrome - despite the evidence of one’s abilities and accomplishments – you feel like a fraud.


You can have people tell you EVERY DAY how amazing you are, and you won’t believe them.


I’ve learned a lot through my journey and it encompassed a lot of things.


Along the way, one thing was certain to me - I had to find a way to stop allowing myself to be overwhelmed with the fear of failure every time a new challenge arose.


And I did.


Instead of letting anxiety take over, I would tell myself, “I’ll figure it out.”


As simple as it seems, it had a profound effect on me over the course of time.


By using this consistently, I was able to reframe my thinking.


👉 It told my brain that I didn’t need to have everything figured out at that very moment.


👉 It told my brain that if I didn’t have all the answers that it was okay.


👉 It lessened the overwhelm.


👉 It lessened the anxiety.


👉 It lessened the fear of failure.


👉 It lessened the feeling of imposterism.


In my career and in my life, there are a lot of things I don’t yet know. But that’s okay.


I’ll figure it out.

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