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Only YOU Are In Charge of Your Career

You're in charge of your career

Here's a hard truth. As much as you'd like your manager to care as much about your career as you do - they don't.

I'm not saying they don't care.

I'm saying that no one is as invested in your career as you are.

If you want to go places with your career, you have to take full ownership of it.


That might mean upskilling your leadership skills even though no one has told you to.

That might mean upskilling your leadership skills even though no one has told you to.

Not Holding Grudges

That might mean letting go of the pent-up frustration from being passed over for an earlier promotion.

You're frustrated and hurt for being passed over for a promotion. You can either harbor those feelings and let them put up walls and hinder your possibilities. Or you can accept that maybe it wasn't your time yet and move forward by focusing on your growth and development so that you are ready when that right opportunity presents itself.

Taking On What No One Else Will

That might mean putting your hand up to take on a project no one else wants to tackle.

Being willing to take on stretch assignments allows you to grow professionally, expand your skill set, and position yourself for future success.

Speaking Up

That might mean sharing the idea you've been afraid to bring up.

Maybe that idea you have been holding back is the very idea they need to take the business to its next level. And if it's not - it shows that you're forward-thinking and engaged.

When it comes to being in charge of your career, you have two options.

You can own it.

Or you can deny it.

It is a choice. You just need to decide which one you want to make.

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