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by Lisa Hinz     •      Leadership Development

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You Are the Most Important Thing You'll Ever Own

You are the most beautiful and expensive thing you're ever going to own
you're the most beautiful and expensive thing you're ever going to own

I came across this quote, and wow... Makes you stop and think.


You’ve been handed this amazing gift of life – how well do you take care of it? How much do you appreciate it?  How often do you not take it for granted?


How well do we treat ourselves?
How often do we forgive ourselves?
How do we talk to ourselves?
How nice are we to ourselves?
How well do we nourish our minds and our bodies?
How do we prioritize ourselves?
How often do we cut ourselves some slack?
How often do we recognize our achievements and successes and be proud of them and own them?
How often do we bring our best selves to the table?
How often do we choose to do something for our own personal and professional development?

We're often our own worst critics. We treat others better than we treat ourselves.

Isn’t our self-worth one of the most important traits we can have?  Believing in your abilities and recognizing that you are very much a worthwhile person.


What happens when you fully realize your potential? When you believe in yourself? When you have gratitude for what you’re able to do if you so choose to?


It’s easy to downplay our successes and accomplishments. It’s easy to give others credit for what we’ve worked hard to achieve.


Try to be better at:


Forgiving yourself.

Talking positively to yourself.

Being nice to yourself.

Giving yourself some grace.

Cutting yourself some slack.

Taking time for self-care.

Prioritizing yourself.

Treating yourself more kindly.

Recognize, own and be proud of your achievements.


You’ve got this.


It’s easy to be hard on ourselves when we’ve fallen short of our high expectations.


When you do that - try to remember this:

You ARE the most beautiful and expensive thing you'll ever own.

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