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Your Employees Need to Hear This

Many years ago my manager left a handwritten note on my desk right before Thanksgiving. I wasn’t expecting what was written inside and it has stuck with me over the years…


It was a particularly chaotic time with a lot of year-end items we were trying to complete while setting the tone for the new year. The hours had been long and the stress had been high.


The note said, “I am thankful for the leadership and perseverance you provide me and this team day in and day out. You are a big contributor to our team’s success. Thank you for everything you do. I hope to not see you online over the next several days. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your well-deserved time off.”


So simple, right?


And yet unexpected and meaningful.


I felt appreciated.


I felt human.


I felt valued.


I also felt some relief that I could really disconnect and not check my work email every 20 minutes while I took time off.


Isn’t that what we all want?


To be appreciated for what we do and to be respected and recognized?


What did it cost my manager? A couple of minutes of time. That’s it. And what an impact that made.


To the managers out there – don’t get so caught up in seeing your employees as “human doings” that you forget that they are “human beings.”


Let your employees know they’re valued.


You couldn’t do what you do without them.


The company couldn’t do what it does without them.


And this doesn't only have to happen at Thanksgiving. This should become a regular practice.


Don’t assume they know it. They need to hear it.



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